I found Temas Eye Center to be the best thing I have done in a long time. Dr. Temas and his staff were superior in every way! I can see better than when I was 15!! My vision was tested and found to be 20/15 in each eye. I can also read the newspaper without glasses. I had the Femto laser and the Sumfony lens. I can't say thank you enough to Dr. Temas and his staff!

-Mary L.

I couldn't have asked for better treatment or outcome. The staff at both your office and the surgical center are superior by every measure. They are professional, knowledgeable and respectful of all patients. It was almost a fun experience! Although the cataracts in both eyes had impaired my vision, the thought of eye surgery was scary. But - my fears were all for "naught" - it was such a quick, PAINLESS procedure, I wondered whyI had waited so long!

-Carol V.

Thank you, Dr. Temas, for your care and kindness. You're the best! To all the wonderful staff...Thank you for being so kind and gentle while I was in your care. God bless you.
(P.S. first time in a long time I saw the stars!)

-Frances J.

Thank you for your compassion and care you show to your patients. I could no longer see the colors of the world. They were so cloudy. When you restored my vision--WOW! Thank you!! I am enjoying the flowers. May God bless you and your staff.

-Nancy R.

I wanted to tell all of you how grateful I am for the care you provided to my son. You can imagine the fear of the unknown as to the symptoms he was experiencing. From the first phone call to your office until our last appointment, each of the staff we encountered showed an amazing amoung ot kindness, affection, and humility. That is something you do not find in most medical offices. ...Iwill always speak of our experience at Temas Eye Center with love, affection and endorsement! ...I am duly impressed with Temas Eye Center.

-Bobbi R.

I have been a patient of Temas Eye Center for nearly 20 years. This latest visit was to find out why I was having trouble seeing in low light. I discovered that I had enough of a cataract to justify lens replacement. The Toric implant has worked very well for me. I have functioned without the need to wear glasses since my surgery. The improvement was dramatic even though I've only had the procedure done in one eye.

-Michael G.

I've never met a doctor who is so kind and sweet and such a joy to know. I really appreciate your manner and I can't imagine such a surgery being so pleasant. Everyone was so good to me--I couldn't believe it.

-Daphne J.

I wouldn't take anything for my ReStor Implants! No more glasses to read and I have excellent eyesight. And no more glasses to lose. It's wonderful! I believe that Temas Eye Center has the finest doctors and nurses, and they are all caring individuals.

-E. Hanes

I was so tired of wearing glasses and contacts just didn't work for me. I am so excited about my new eyes. Wearing regular sunglasses is just the best! And I can wear the stylish ones I like! I couldn't have asked for better care from the staff and Dr. Temas.

-S. Miller

The morning after my surgery I read the newspaper with 20/20 vision. Wow, I was amazed. At Temas Eye center the staff was competent and welcoming, the sophisticated technology of the ReStor mulitifocal lens, and the caring professional expertise of Dr. Temas all come together to give me what I thought was impossible - excellent vision. I will always be grateful to Dr. Temas for this life changing gift!

-Y. Shore

I was having trouble driving, watching TV and reading. After cataract surgery with ReSTOR implants, all of that has improved and I don't need glasses. My entire experience from start to successful conclusion was excellent!

-J. Costello

My surgery at Temas Eye Center has been amazing! The surgery was fast and easy and I can now see everything without glasses! The ReStor implant has given me the ability to see up close without glasses like I did when I was 29, and I couldn't be happier.Thanks to Dr. Temas, it is like the fountain of youth!

-A. Maechtle

I was so pleasedwith the best vision I'd had in years that I encouraged my wife tosee if the same could be done for her. Now we both have the vision we need for work and for fun with no glasses or contact lenses. It is a dream come true!

-Ed B.

My experience at Temas Eye Center has been great! I was amazed when I could actually see in the recovery room after my Visian was implanted. I decided the procedure was an investment in my eyes. The procedure was worth every penny and I would do it again without any hesitation. Dr. Temas is amazing!

-J. Helms

As a busy physician and avid hunter vision correction surgery has allowed me to have perfect vision in all that I do. Dr. Temas and his staff are all outstanding. Their attention to detail and availability to answer every question is second to none. I strongly recommend Dr. Temas to anyone interested in vision correction surgery!

-Dr. Stopyra

My experience at Temas Eye Center was great. I've worn contact lenses for 30 years to correct my nearsightedness and after my LASIK, I just get up in the morning and go! I feel FREE! Everybody was very caring and friendly. I'm glad I chose Temas Eye Center for my LASIK.

-M. Power

I still keep my old glasses on my desk as a reminder of what Dr. Temas has given to me. I am, and always will be, extremely grateful to Dr. Temas and his staff for fulfilling a life-long dream of mine.

-M. Buyton

I was very tired of wearing glasses and contacts. I had LASIK done and now I have more self confidence. I am an avid shooter and LASIK has had a huge impact on that. I can see the targets much better. Everyone at Temas Eye Center was very professional and helpful. My experience was excellent.

-C. Aley


Featured Testimonial:

Thank you for your compassion and care you show to your patients. I could no longer see the colors of the world. They were so cloudy. When you restored my vision--WOW! Thank you!! I am enjoying the flowers. May God bless you and your staff.

- Nancy R.