ORA System

ORA System It used to be that a surgeon needed to wait weeks after performing surgery to determine your vision results. Thanks to ORA, this is no longer the case. Now, during the procedure, your surgeon can take measurements of your eye. ORA measurements are taken after the clouded cataract is removed, when the surgeon has a clear view, allowing him to tailor the procedure to your individual eye and refine your visual outcome. No matter what premium cataract procedure you and your surgeon decide upon, you can feel confident that by adding the ORA System®, you’ll receive the best possible results.

ORA System™ is a cutting edge technology by Wavetec® that allows the doctors of Temas Eye Center, Institute to take a picture of the eye at the time of surgery to verify that the nearsightedness, farsightedness or the astigmatism was corrected and that the exact correct powered Intraocular lens (IOL) was selected. Prior to the ORA System™, surgeons have been unable to assess the quality of vision during the procedure and would have to wait until weeks after the procedure to determine the accuracy of the results.

How does the ORA System™ work?

The ORA System™ works by directing a beam of low-intensity laser light into the eye during the surgical procedure. The laser light reflects off the back of your eye, and sensors in the ORA System™ device analyze the reflected wave of light exiting your eye. This real-time analysis measures all of the eye's unique optical characteristics and gives your cataract surgeon an accurate measurement of your eye's focusing capabilities.

The doctors at the Temas Eye Center, are committed to providing the highest quality of vision possible to their patients. Using the ORA System™ helps them achieve this goal because, for the first time ever, the surgeon is able to correct the eye prescription in “real time” so the patient may not need any glasses after surgery.

ORA Technology

Some of the many benefits to having ORA System™ included as part of your cataract procedure:

  • ORA System™ analysis can optimize any cataract procedure regardless of the lens that you and your surgeon select
  • Your surgeon will receive an ORA System™ analysis that will guide the correction of your eye to help ensure optimal outcomes
  • If you have astigmatism, ORA System™ may improve the accuracy of your correction to help reduce the chance that you will need eyeglasses after your procedure

Featured Testimonial:

Thank you for your compassion and care you show to your patients. I could no longer see the colors of the world. They were so cloudy. When you restored my vision--WOW! Thank you!! I am enjoying the flowers. May God bless you and your staff.

- Nancy R.